What to except from My Cup of Tea Language School


Welcome to My Cup of Tea Language School (MCOTLS) an innovative Language Academy that uses a unique contextual learning methodology.

At My Cup of Tea Language School, we believe that any new language is best learnt the same way as the native tongue, naturally and intuitively.

Our teachers are all graduate language experts and ensure that each language lesson focuses on being immersed in the language being learnt.

We know, love and teach a range of languages English, French, Italian and Spanish are all taught to individuals, pairs and groups and we also have a Business and In Company offer. Some of our students are also learning Catalan, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Russian. We have teachers that work with these students delivering particular classes.

There really is no language that we cannot offer!

Are you now thinking about language learning?
1. Start to make an enquiry!

Use the contact form on the website, telephone or email us or even pop in and see us if you are in the area.

It is that simple ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’.

You are guaranteed a quick response and will be offered the opportunity to either come and meet with us in person, engage in an online virtual meeting or if you prefer to receive the information required by email.

We do like to meet the students and businesses making the enquiry, if that is possible, as it is part of the process of knowing and understanding fully your language needs.

2. Come and enjoy a taster class 

Once we have spoken with you and accessed your language needs, we will offer you a class that we think would work best for you.

It is not only about the level of your language, it is also about your preferred learning style, your language experiences, why you are learning a language and how much time you are able to commit to the programme that we need to consider.

Similarly, for our Business partners, it is the needs and requirements of the company that dictate the teaching, but we need to know them!

Once we have all of this information, we will offer a 30-minute taster session in a class on the day and time of your choice and an hour session in your company if you are a business enquiry.

3. Make a commitment 

Starting to learn something whether that is from scratch or to enhance and polish a language already known, takes a commitment. Only you can decide when the right time is to commit to your language learning journey.

We will help you with this by offering you the most flexible schedule we can.

If you sign up for individual (1:1) or paired classes (with a friend or relative) we allow you to change the class once per month with no extra charge (let us know at least 24 hrs before or you may lose the class)

We are also continuing to offer classes online via Zoom, Skype, Google Meets, Teams, you decide.

This offer allows for us to teach any students overseas, when you are working remotely from home or even when you are on holiday (yes this does happen!)

If you have decided on a group course, then we also offer the option to change classes if you cannot attend on your normal day and time in a particular week; this of course depends upon whether there is space in the alternative class.

This level of flexibility is also offered to Business and In Company classes; we can change days and times as necessary as long as it is mutually convenient for the company and the teacher.

Our commitment to you is that our teachers will always be on time and presentable. They will come well prepared and be skilled at engaging individuals, pairs and groups of students or professionals with their learning journey.

They will work with you or your company to make the learning experience as positive as it can be for the student.

You pay monthly and we only expect a 3 months commitment for all our courses!

Additionally, there is no matriculation fee for the whole of September 2020 (and when this promotion ends the fee is only 40€ (with a grammar or reading book included!) and if you book your course before the 4th of September you will also receive a 5% discount off your first payment! 

If, however you decided that the language, the school or your time and personal commitment is an issue and you are unable to continue we are usually sympathetic, and a solution is often found.

4. Continuing your learning journey outside of the classes

All the teachers at the academy can offer you support to help you to acquire and enhance your chosen language.

We can give advice on which books to read and which films and series to watch.

We can give you additional opportunities to practice your vocabulary through our meet up groups and by preparing and teaching engaging and relevant lessons.

5. What next?

Have a deep think about what you want to do. Look at our entire website and read about the School, the Teachers and the Courses. Make a decision!

If it is a NO to language learning then well done for thinking about it, maybe now is not the right time for you and if it is a YES, then we look forward to hearing from you very soon!

At My Cup of Tea Language School, you will find educators with a passion for lifelong learning, an atmosphere of mutual understanding and the opportunity to enjoy the experience.

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