Claudia Roberts

English Teacher & Tutor
Creative Teacher for Children and Teens, Conversation and Grammar teacher for all and specialist for business English and In Company classes
Bachelor’s Degree in English (UK).
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (UK).
CELTA (Spain)

I have been working in educational settings such as high schools, primary schools, museums and language academies for nearly twenty years. In addition to being a native speaker of English, I have a B2 level of Spanish. From a personal perspective, I feel that learning Spanish has not only aided my teaching in terms of understanding the differences between the two languages, but it has also helped me to understand the journey students are undertaking. I am guided by the use of communicative approaches which encourage students to acquire and use language in a meaningful way. I include a good balance of grammar, vocabulary and as many opportunities to build fluency as possible. I am always looking for interesting, authentic materials to base my lessons on, ensuring that my classes are dynamic, as well as effective!