Gretty Garcia

Teaching all ages and business professionals/in company classes. Presential and Online
Máster en Enseñanza de español en ámbitos profesionales (SPAIN)
Diplomada en Enseñanza de español a hablantes de otras lenguas (PERU)
Programa de Complementación Pedagógica (PERU)
Graduada en LingüLingüística (PERU)

I love to share my language and culture. I have been working as a Spanish teacher for 7 years in different countries, like Brazil, Peru and Spain. I moved to Barcelona 3 years ago to study a Master’s Degree in Spanish Teaching. I fell in love with the city and I decided to stay. As a teacher by the University of Barcelona, I like my students to feel comfortable in class and I always encourage them to practice their speaking skills. I truly believe that a Spanish class needs both language and culture integration through learning materials, such as news updates, press articles or educational.