English, French & Spanish

Our business programme:

  • Delivered by highly qualified native speaking educators
  • Innovative and flexible (we come to you!)
  • Enables your business to stand out and compete effectively in international markets
  • Focuses on developing communication competencies for both work and networking sessions
  • Enable you to speak, listen, read and write with improved confidence and pronunciation and vocabulary

We can work with your company or business in the following way:

Assess the level of English language within your setting and the requirements for its development
Crate a bespoke and manageable programme for employees
Set measurable and quantifiable targets against a realistic timescale to ensure progression

  • Websites – Translate and polish your websites to reach your international clientele
  • Social media – we manage your social media and post in the English language
  • Presentation skills – we help you to structure
  • Documentation – we ensure that all business correspondence is English is quality assured and prepare for your work presentations
  • Promotional material – we proofread and translate company brochures and other promotional material
    • Contracts – we translate company contracts and assist in hiring of new staff