Jane Wood-Chambers

Director & English Language Expert
Teaching all ages and stages, conversation courses for all students & business professionals and for certificate courses specifically the B2 First and the C1 Advanced & C2 Proficient classes
Bachelor’s degree in Design History (UK)
Post Graduate Certificate in Education (UK)
Post Graduate Diploma in Child Studies (UK)

With over 29 years of educational experience I see myself as an educator with a passion for lifelong learning. I am a trained teacher and left the UK education system in 2014, having been a Head Teacher for over 5 years. It is important for me to ensure any learning takes place in an atmosphere of mutual understanding, respect and enjoyment. British born, I have lived, worked and studied in the USA, France, the UK and Spain and have been lucky enough to travel extensively throughout the world. I contribute on what I know best; a bespoke style of teaching English, my native mother tongue and of sharing the unique and diverse culture of my country. I am the Owner and Director of My Cup of Tea Language School and also teach to all ages and stages!