Jed Burton-Taylor

Professor d'anglès & TUTOR. Only online
Conversation teacher for teens, students and adults and grammar teacher for certificate courses
Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science (UK)

I’ve been working as a teacher for 5 years and have worked in a variety of places including academies and in-company classes. I’m a native English speaker and have an intermediate level of Spanish. I grew up in England and have lived in Canada and now in Spain where I have been for just over 3 anys. Learning a language consists of speaking, escoltant, reading and writing. I try to focus my classes around speaking and listening as I believe these are the two most important elements a teacher can offer, and it is how we perform the majority of our communication in our day to day life. I try to push my students to learn new grammar and vocabulary in each class whilst maintaining a fun and relaxed environment. I also encourage my students to ask questions and to express themselves in a wide range of scenarios to better prepare themselves for the real English world outside the classroom.